Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring has Sprung and Special Surprises

A friend of mine, Leah, drew this fabulous picture of me. She is in high school, and raised PAWS puppy Demi. As you can see, she has a real talent for drawing! When I saw this picture of it, I thought it was a photo, not a drawing! Thanks Leah!!!!!!
Spring is here at last! We have had quite a few gorgeous days in Michigan. Here is a picture of my FLYING through the air! My mom says I am "something else", whatever that means...

As of March 12, I am officially one years old!!!! This is me at my big birthday party. We had a birthday party with a bunch of pups from other litters that were born around February/March. I don't feel any older for havinh turned one. my mom says I am "stuck in puppyhood", but hey, I am still a baby! We got the paperwork for me to go to college, but we are holding off on it until I grow up some more. I am still just too big and goofy to move to HQ :)

Finally this is a picture with my brother and I and our moms! This brother is named Quimby, and is just as handsome as me! We met up at GM Renaissance Center. That is one BIG place! Quimby is about my height, but isn't as big as me. He also has a pink nose! Imagine that!