Monday, September 3, 2007

More SVSU Pics!!!

Here are even more pictures from the SVSU football game. These ones were taken by Erica.

This is Erica and her service dog, Cooley. They took this set of pictures.
Handsome me... I smiled real pretty!!!
I don't know what I was doing... Hehehehe......
My silly half-sis, Pally.... She is goofy like me!!!
Me and my mom relaxing... I love her very much!
Cheetah and Moxi....

More Pics from SVSU

Her are a few more pictures from the football game at Saginaw Valley State University. They were taken by my Aunt Brenda. Enjoy!

A group shot. Left to right: Moxi, Quincy, Cooley, Pally, and Cheetah.
Pally and her mom, Sara, and me and my mom, Kayla
The sisters Cheetah and Moxi. They are the tiniest labs, but then again, I am a MOOSE!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

SVSU Football

I had a very cool weekend!!! On Friday, after I went to work with Doug, we drove a pretty long way. I didn't know where I was going at first, but once I was there I knew just where I was! I was home! I saw my mom and I got really excited. I wiggled all over! I hadn't seen her in a little while. She told me I was just staying the night, but that was fine by me! I got to bed early that night because we had a long day ahead! We got up nice and early. Before breakfast, my mom and I went for a good, long walk. It was a beautiful morning and it felt good to stretch my legs. Once we got home, I had my breakfast and mom ate hers. We got dressed and ready to go to a football game! My friend Cheetah, another PAWS puppy, and her mom, Brenda, picked my mom and I up. I was really happy to see Chetah as I know her from class and we played a lot in the car. We were kind of silly, but it was a lot of fun. Then we picked up Brenda's husband, Kevin, and we were on out way to Saginaw Valley State University. Once we got there, we met with some other PAWS dogs and puppies. The humans ate while we played. I didn't get to play much as I was a little too big for the play pen, but it was still a lot of fun. My mom made me sit right next to her while she ate. It smelled so good, and I just couldn't help but try to take a taste of it. I got scolded big time for that... My mom had a chip in her hand and I licked it..... Then, as punishment, she set it right in front of me and made me leave-it.... I didn't like that at all, but I didn't try to take anything else. After we tailgated, we all went up to the stadium to watch some football. I was very good in the stands and enjoyed watching the game. The only problem was that it was so hot! My mom poured cold water on my head and on my bandana, and that helped keep my cool. She also made homemade frosty pawsicles.... They were really yummy! The dogs that were at the game were me, my half-sis Pally, Moxi, her sister Cheetah, Laser, Cisco, Cooley, Jesse, and Daisy. We were all very good. After the game a few of us went to a little park on campus to take pictures. Well, really Aunt Becky was the one who took the great picture. My mom posted them below. Enjoy!

This is service dog Cooley. He was very good at the game. I hope I am as good as he is someday!
Cooley again. He is a good looking dog!
This is Cooley and is partner, Erica. They were just recently paired together. Cooley is Erica's second service dog. I hope I am good enough to be a service dog someday...
Cooley smiling...
Me, my mom, Pally, and her mom Sara just hangin' out...
My mom and I.... I was in doggie heaven!
My mom and the new pup, Laser. He is only 10 weeks old!
My friend, Cheetah.... Isn't she pretty???
Hearing dog Jesse and his partner, Louise. He is a Shetland Sheepdog.
My half-sis, Pally, trying to keep cool.
Me and Pally... I am actually quite a bit bigger than her, but I was on a slant and not sitting straight.
Pally..... Good looks run in the family!
Pally again...
Pally and her mom, Sara.... She was just spayed so her belly is all shaved.
ME!!!!! Aren't I such a handsome stud?!? My Aunt Becky made the bandana. I think it is awesome!!