Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm Home and Loving It!!!

Hello Everyone! Guess what! I'm home now! I've been home with mom for a couple of weeks now, and it's been nice to be home and back into my normal routine. I did love my extended sleepover with my brother Bentley and my gramps. It was a blast, and we all got along famously. The only problems I had was when I was in the house for too long with nothing to do. I am a working dog, and I definately need a job top focus my energy. I got into a little trouble finding things to do. Oops :P I am home with my mom for a little longer, and then I go back to gramp's house on July 28. My mom will be at band camp at Michigan State. She is the section leader for the drumline at school. I have been going to a lot of pre-camp rehearsals. The drums are LOUD, but I don't mind :) Other than that we are keeping fairly busy, I guess. We go for short walks throughout the day. It is too HOT to go for long ones. I get all tuckered out, and could even get heat stroke if we aren't careful! I have been swimming a few times, and I get to play in the house, sprinklers, and watering cans, too. It is so much fun! Mom has even been giving me my own doggie popsicle everyday, made out of yogurt, peanut butter, and banana. I LOVE them! Right now I have been going to the best place ever. It's called Kamp K9, and my mom and I are volunteering there a couple of weeks this summer. The camp is a day camp for kids, and they learn about animals, especially dogs, and how to train us the right way with positive reinforcement. Each kid is even paired up with a shelter dog, who they train and socialize to make them more adoptable. I get to go and get loved on at camp. The kids love me, and I get so much attention. I am SO tired at the end of the day, but I just love it. I am such a natural ham, and I love kids so much, so this is the perfect place for me! I even get to play with other dogs. Does it get any better??? Well, I gotta go. I'll update soon with some pictures from Kamp K9! In the mean time, enjoy the pictures below. Love you all! Hugs and slobbery kisses,

I am a VERY happy boy!!!
My mom says I am benevolent. I think that word describes me well :)
Best friends I am a BIG frog dog :P