Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fall Photo Shoot

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to post. My mom is finally getting to it! If I could type, I would have taken over a long time ago! We are definately going to start keeping up with this blog.... A blog isn't much of a blog if no one blogs on it!!!! So these are some pictures taken this past fall. The leaves were all funny colors and were all over the ground! I really wanted to chase them, but every time I did I got in trouble :P
Enjoy!!! PAWS UP!!!!

I am so silly!!!!
Wasn't I adorable??? I was still really young here....
This is what I do when I want out of the kitchen.... I used to be able to fit my whole body through, but now it is hard enough just to get my head in there!
Those leaves are DELICIOUS!!!!!!!
Don't you just love fall???
My and Hope... She is the youngest kitty of the bunch....
I am sooo sweet! These eyes have helped me get away with minimal punishment many times :)
Seriously, though, how could aynone possibly be angry at this???

I'm so happy!
Now I am serious... Mom kept tempting me with smelly treat goodness....
She can't say no to this, either :P
I am very devoted and loyal... my mom says I am "benevolent", whatever that means...
What leaf???