Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Off to Grandpa's

Hello Everyone! Things have been a little different the last few days. I haven't seen my mom since Saturday! She explained to me, while she was packing our bags, that she was going to Florida to see her grandma and grandpa for 2 weeks, coming home for 1 day, and going to Montana for a cancer camp for 1 week. While she is gone I am staying with my grandpa and my big brother Bentley. I stay with them every day during the school year while my mom is in school. I love plaing with Bentley now. He is BIG yellow lab. He didn't like me when I was a little puppy but now we get along good. So anyways, on Saturday morning we woke up really early and drove to the air port. Now I spend the majority of my days lounging around on the bg chair at grandpa's with Bentley while he's at work, then we go out and play when he gets home and chill out at night. One really cool thing about being a KDX is getting to sleep on the furniture. I think it was called FUR-niture for a reason! Well, I miss my mom, but I'm having fun with Bentley. It's like a sleep-over every day! Well, Ill bark to you all later. Love you!
All packed!

Friday, June 6, 2008

From "Future Assistance Dog" to "Keeper Dog Excellent"

Hello Everyone! A lot has happened in my life since I last blogged! I am now officially a career changed dog and Keeper Dog Excellent! I was pulled from the PAWS program before ever going to school or taking a test because one of the trainers who had seen me once thought I was too dominant and that the clients PAWS trains dog for would not be able to hande me. I don't understand it yet, since I didn't even get to take a test or anything, but they said I was going to go to a school called Leader Dogs for the Blind. They ended up turning me down because of my ever-worsening acid reflux problems. I couldn't very well be throwing up bile somewhere and have my blind person leave it there! So, I am now officially my mom's dog, her "Keeper Dog Excellent". I am glad to stay with her, as I have been her guardian angel since I first came to her. I have been taking care of her and helping her to recover from a battle with cancer, and we are doing GREAT! She is glad she didn't have to say goodbye, and is glad to officially call me her heart dog! I don't really understand why I don't get to go places with her anymore, but now I get to be a little more spoiled, like going swimming more, getting a biscuit when they come home from a restaurant, and occasionally sneaking a nap in on the couch. My mom is going to certify me as a therapy dog, too, so I'll be able to continue visits to Crittenton Hospital to help cheer people up. I am REALLY good at that! The pictures below are taken from a couple different adventures. Some of them, the ones with my PAWS cape on, were before I was cc'd, and the ones where I am muddy were also before I was cc'd, on a different trip with Flicka. The water pictures are recent, and boy do I LOVE water! Enjoy! Lovingly yours,
Quincy KDX CGC

Mw and the cows at Cooks Dariy Farm. We got along famously!
I <3 MUD!!!!!

Running free! Nothing like running in a wide-open space with the wind in your ears!
Guess who found the mud hole :)
Mud puppies Flicka and Quincy :P
ME and my mom! We are BEST FRIENDS!
The piggies at Cooks were real nice, but boy did they STINK!

Yup, I was made for the water!
Retrieving a stick! I am a good boy bringing it back!
Me on the far right, with my BFF's (best furry friends) Sirius and Luna!
I am so handsome :)
Gotta love falling asleep in the sun!

How cool is this picture??? I thing we are running on water!
Check out my POWERFUL spring!
Gotta get it!
My mom likes this picture, even though it's the wrong side of me.
One of our favorites from the bunch, me on the hunt for a stick. And this is height from flat ground, not even a dock! Imagine the distance I could get with something to push off of! Mom says she may try dock diving with me in the future, which I think is totally my sport! Mom is going to submit some of these water pictures to some retrievers magazines to see if they like them, too!