Monday, October 29, 2007


Me with a flower chicken. It didn't smell or taste like chicken, though....
Aren't I cute?
Me witht he cheese mouse. I like cheese, too!
The things humans do to us dogs... Sheesh!
Well, at least I am cute!
Hello Everyone,

Yesterday my family and I went to this German town called Frankenmuth. It was a great place! First we went to this restaurant called Zhender's so the 2-leggeds could eat. I munched on a crayon under the table. We then walked around the downtown area. It was rather nice weather and there were lots of people. My mom insisted on getting some pictures, which I didn't mind. I like cameras. Then we walked down by the river. we weren't there for very long but it was a nice day. I think we are going to go again soon. I hope so, because it was a great day! PAWS UP!


Flyball and Bandanas

Hello Again,
Last Saturday I went to a PAws fundraiser that was unlike anything I'd ever seen or heard before. It was a flyball competition. If you have never seen flyball you are missing out. It is a crazy cool dog sport. It is like a relay race for dogs.... The one downfall is that it is really LOUD! The dogs get a little excited and bark, a lot. My pal Cyder and her mom Jen belong to the team that hosts the event. To raise money for PAWS we held Halloween themed games like a costume contest, treat toss, bobbing for tennis balls, and tricks for treats. It was a lot of fun. we tried for the treat toss... I could catch from 10 feet ut wasn't so good at 15 feet. Just a little too far. The other PAWS dogs judging were little Ausie and service dogs Ike and Cooley. it was tons of fun and I was a very good boy. PAWS Up!

Aussie and I... She is a lot smaller than me but her big personality makes up for it!
In one of my new bandanas that my Aunt Becky made for me... They are awesome!

Dogs On the Diag

Hey Everyone,
A couple of Friday's ago my mom and I went up to Ann Arbor to go to the University of Michigan. It was their disability awarness week and they had us PAWS dogs come down and tell the students about our jobs/future jobs. There were a ton of us and we had dogs at 4 different locations around campus. I was at the Diag, a little crossway in campus. There were tons of college kids running between classes.... They all loved me and the other dogs... we got tons of love. All of the pictures below were taken by many talented PAWS raisers. My mom forgot her camera so she figured we'd show you these pawsome pics from the day! PAWS Up!

Little Aussie and her mama, Andrea. Aussie is such a little cutie pie...
Aussie in a puppy squat... She is certainly adorable, but why do the little babies have to get all of the attention??
Stewart and his mama, Mary, talking to some people about PAWS. He is a very handsome and good boy.
My mom loving on my and retired service dog Texas.
Mystic and Wilma getting some love(I have a little thing for Mystic... She is beautiful!)
My crush again... I flirted like crazy with her... But can you see her? She's BEAUTIFUL!
Jennifer and Texas... Texas is enjoying his retirement as he can get loved and petted by everyone now.
HAndsome Texas... I hope I can be as good as him someday...
Aussie just hanging out...
Wilma... She is beautiful, too. She is going to be a mama dog for PAWS.

Stewart with a leaf.... Those darn leaves were everywhere.. It was really hard to leave them...
But Stewart did!
Mom and I... I am a good boy!
Merlin and Mystic with Mystic's mom, Julie....
I was getting some love...

Sleeping Cheetah... She is a silly girl!
Little Miro... She is a very cute little pup.
The representatives at one opf the hospitals. They humans are Chris, Brenda, Gail, and Catherine and the dogs are Cheetah, Miro, and Taylor. Taylor is my half sis!
Taylor and her mama...
Aussie again... She is silly!

Aussie and Stewart getting ready to start.
The babies of the bunch, Miro and Aussie
Stewart and his fuzzy ears...
Mom and I... I have such a great grin, don't I?!?
Aussie couldn't resist the leaves.... I had a hard time, too.

Photo Shoots

Hello Everyone!
Mom and I are continuing the updates. We apologize again for not keeping you posted. These are some pictures from a couple fo photo shoots my mom did with me.... she really like her comarea and I think I am her favorite subject... Then again, why would someone want a picture of something else??? I am 7 months old in these pictures. Enjoy! PAWS Up!
Photo Shoots can get to be a bore....
I am the handsomest boy ever...
Aren't I dashing???
I don't think I stop smiling.... Why should I when life is so great?!?
In my working clothes.... I am getting the next size up, a 2xl, tonight as the XL is getting a little tight.

What's that???
My car... Okay, so technically it's my moms but we all know it really is mine...
Aren't I sweet?
A big hunk or golden labby love.
Must have been a bug...

Raiser Appreciation Day, Updates, and Pics

Me and my dad, Bubba
My papa Bubba
My brother, Quito, and me.
I am such a party animal :o)
A serious portrai of myself... I can't smile ALL of the time!
My mom and me and Mike Sapp and Bubba.
My dad is making sure i am his... I hear he has a lot of pups running around.

My sister Quark, brother Quito, and I.
Quark and I.... We sure look alike, huh?
Quito and I... The sun is good!
Quark and me again.
Two Brothers

Hello Everyone,
Let me apologize from my mom for not posting in seriously FOREVER!!!! She is a little slack about my blog and we've had some talks and she now understands that this is a rather important thing. So let me fill you in on whats been going on. I have been home with mom for a whole month now. We are doing well and she is getting her strength back. I am going to be 8 months old on November 12 and I am getting to be a very big boy. My mom will divide the updates and posts into categories. This one is about the Foster Puppy Raiser Appreciation Day we attended at PAWS HQ. It was in mid-Spetember and my Uncle Doug took me up with him (this was when i was still on a working vacation). I saw my mom there and she worked me. It was loads of fun and I got to see a lot of great people and dogs. I even got to meet my father, Bubba! I got my picture taken by a professional photographer. My mom got an 8x10 of it to hang on her wall. Well, enjoy the pictures! PAWS Up!