Friday, February 29, 2008

Snow Games and Other Odds and Ends

So life in Michigan has been pretty relaxed with the occasional oddity. My mom and I have been busy with robotics and dog classes. I am a very good helper on the robotics team and am also good at homework. We go to the library a lot now and I am very good there. I just went for a mini vacation at my therapy dog friends' house. I had a blast with them, although I cried a lot. I missed mom and wanted to know what was going on all of the time, which got me in trouble occassionally :P Well, we'll update soon! My first brithday is coming up, as is St. Patrick's Day! Will bark back soon. PAWS Up!

My new ear-style. I think it is particularly cute :)
Upside down Quincy!
And again...
And again! I think I get cuter every time!

Playing with my frisbee..... These is the greatest toy in the world!
Wierd angle!
Snow dog! I think I may be part husky!
Super dog!
Me at the library. this is one of the statues there. I am cute when I am pouting:)


So my mom and I have taken up a new and exciting hobby. It is called geocaching, and it is basically a treasure hunt with a GPS. People place caches in all sorts of places and log the coordinates online. People then go and find the cache.Generally you take something out of the cache and replace it. We haven't found a ton due to the snow here in Michigan, but it is a lot of fun and I love going outside and walking in the great outdoors. These are some pictures of me caching! Enjoy!

I am king of the rock!
ME on a bridge at Dinosaur Hill. I am a handsome guy, huh?

Me and my mom with our first cache ever! I was pouting because she made me stop trying to uproot the sapling
Me with a cache in the SNOW!
My mom, her sister, and me with a cache in Stoney Creek.
Come on, mom! Let's GO!
I am such a good assistant geocacher! I even hold the GPS sometimes!

Christmas Fun!

Christmas 2007 was my first Christmas ever, and boy was it fun! I didn't do anything very special, other than I spent the night with my big brother Bentley(he likes me a lot better now). I also got a really cool new toy. It is a Tuffies toy and is super tough for a soft toy. I still haven't destroyed it!

I am so handsome :)
Look at my BIG paws!!!
Me chewing on my treat ball.... If you roll it around treats fall out of it. I guess I was just taking the short cut :P
The starfish doesn't look very happy about getting eaten :)
This is my yellow dog. He is very well loved and is now missing an ear, but i love him just the same :)

Friday, February 22, 2008


My mom and I are continuing to update this blog and get it back up and running! These pictures were taken after my first BIG snow ever with my mom. I LOVE this snow soooo much! I could play in it all day and all night!

I know there is a tennis ball in here somewhere.....

I am faster than the speed of light!
Snowy faces :)
You know you love me :)
Oh heck, it's up to my neck!
Leaping after something... Who knows what?

Cats and Cabela's

Here another post. The first picture is of two of my cats. I have three in all. These are the young ones. Cali, the one on top, is the same age as me. Hope, the little one, is now 7 months old. They are fun to annoy! The oldest cat, named Kitty, is the one not in the picture. She tolerates being around me, but wants nothing to do with me... She is old and set in her ways :) The majority of the photos are from my trip to Cabela's with mom, Auntie Chris, and Uncle Gordan. That place was so fun!!! It was like a HUGE Outdoor World, with tons of things to look at and smell.... I have never seen so many kinds of animals and fishing lines in my whole life! We had a great time! Enjoy!!!! PAWS Up!!!


Cali and Hope... They are crazy!
Mom made me wear this ridiculous hat :(
But it ended up working in my favor with COOKIES!
Me and the camo snowman... I wish he was real snow and I could eat him!
Me in the hat again.....

Me under the HUGE bears at Cabela's.. I was really good about being up there and posing for the picture!!!
Me and mom under the bears!
Me with the funny deers.... They were strange...
Watching my ancestors do their jobs: HUNT!
Just pausing for a big smile :)

Winter Fun With Friends

Me and Star... She loved that bumper!
Flicka and me in the background, on the hunt!
I am sooooo handsome!
Look how big I've gotten!!!
Star, Flicka, and I.... I am really silly :P
Shooting Star!!!
The three of us on the run!
Little Star... IS she cute or what???
Star doing a drive-by and me looking very goofy in the back :)
Little Star again.....

Me in black and white... I am a hunk!
Shake shake shake!!!
Star says "HELLO!!!!!!"
Star looking at the camera, and me looking at Flicka...
Flicka and I playing with the bumper :)

So this is another update on the blog! My mom is finally getting this all updated so I can start posting weekly. These pistures were taken after the first snow... it wasn't much, but it sure was fun to play with! The other dogs are Flicka, the black lab, and Star, the yellow lab. Flicka is one of my BFF's (Best Furry Friend) and Star is a great pal. Start is in training for PAWS like me, and Flicka used to be mama dog for PAWS. She is now doing obediance and hunting... She is really good! This fun time at the race track was just before Star left for warmer weather in sunny Florida. Enjoy the pictures! PAWS Up!!!!