Thursday, May 31, 2007


It's been a while since I've posted. Things have been going pretty well. As I said on my last post, I am home again. I have had a pretty crazy week. I had a good weekend, except I got bit by my "brother", Bentley. He just doesn't like puppies, I think. I am doing good, now, but I was really scared and hurt at the time. It hurt a lot, but I feel much better now. I walked in the Memorial Day Parade on Monday. It was a long walk, but it was really fun! I saw a first grade concert on Wednesday. It was loud, but good. Well, here are some pictures.

This was just after I got home from the hospital.
I was really tired!!
After the Memorial Day Parade.
I love swinging...
I like swinging!
Bentley and I just before he bit me....
Bentley and I again. He is a lot bigger than me!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Home Again

I am now home! I had a great time on my working vacation, but it is good to be back home! I have missed my mom a lot over the last couple of weeks, and it has been great to spend some time with her. She says I have grown so much in the last two weeks! I think so, too! I have already been to therapy dogs again, Jr. Elks, and Meijer. I am going to the library today! Here are pictures from today! Hope you like them.
I am sunshine on a cloudy day!
Walks wear me out!
I was really sleepy after my long walk!
Can I come out now????
I can be really messy sometimes! This is from the watering can!!!
I am sleepy from my romp!
Preparing for Takeoff!!
I love to help my mom!
Look how big I am getting!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

More Days of Working Vacation

Life's been pretty busy lately. I haven't been home in almost two weeks! I got to see my mom on Thursday, though. Let me fill you in on her situation. She had a surgery a couple of weeks ago to remove something called the submandibular salivary gland because they thought there was a stone in it. It turned out it was actually a cancerous tumor. She has had a bunch of testing at the hospital in the last week so my working vacation was extended an extra week.
I left Auntie Gail's yesterday. She was a really cool lady and took good care of me while I was away. I went to tons of places with her. That is very good, since I need lots of great socialization skills for when I am a big dog helping someone. We went to post offices, restaurants, garage sales, puppy class... This list goes on.
I spent a small amount of time with a man named Dave Beamer. He is kind of like my grandpa. He used to be my mom's neighbor but he has since moved to Warren. My mom raised her first three PAWS dogs with him and half of the fourth before he moved in full time with her. Because Dave has 3 big golden retrievers and I don't have all of my shots yet, I couldn't stay the night there. I did go to downtown Royal Oak and walked around with hima nd just spent some time. He is a very nice man.
I then went to Auntie Chris and Uncle Gordan's whom I had heard a lot about from my mom. They have a black lab named Flicka who used to be a mama dog for PAWS. She is now a hunter and does retrieving trials and things like that. She also does competitive obediance and rally. She looks a lot like my dog mom, Bella. Auntie Chris and Uncle Gordan are super nice. I have already had a ton of fun playing with all of Flicka's toys and with Flicka and the neighbors bischon, Maize. I am only 9 weeks old and I am the same size as her! I am going to get to go with Flicka a few times to watch her hunt. Should be a ton of fun. I get to go back to mom on Tuesday. I also have therapy dogs and Jr. Elks on Tuesday, so I should sleep very well that night. Should make mom happy! I'll talk to you all later. Sorry for the shortage of pictures lately. haven't been around to get any taken. I'll post more once I am home.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Working Vacation

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been really busy lately. Last Monday I had my very first puppy class. I was a good boy and got to play with some puppies my size and some much bigger. They didn't scare me, though. On Tuesday, I went to a thing called "therapy dogs". I went to Crittenton Hospital and met a whole bunch of other dogs. They are certified therapy dogs, and they visit the hospital every other Tuesday. My mom works with her friends therapy dog, Jonah. I haven't met him yet, but he sounds like a cool dog. Anyway, I went with a couple of dogs named Scarlet, Merlin, and Doozi. Scarlet is a golden retriever, Merlin is a big Bernese mountain dog, and Doozi is a little mutt. We visited a bunch of patients and people. I was a very good boy and everyone loved me. I got lots of treats, too. After that I went off on a working vacation with Auntie Gail. I have been with her all week because my mom had surgery on Wednesday. I miss her a lot, but I get to come home tomorrow. I have been a very good boy at Auntie Gail's. I have been all over with her. We go to breakfast every morning and people are amazed at how good I am. We have been to lots of stores and even garage sales! I like her a lot but I can't wait to see my mom. Well, I'll post again soon. I need to update some pictures! I have grown a lot in the last week!

Friday, May 4, 2007

First Day Home

After bath time
I love my new toy!
Me in my official clothes.
Aren't I adorable...
Crate face!
Bath time!
I know I am so darn adorable!

It has been a really long day. First, I got picked up from headquarters with my brother Quimby by this man and woman. They took me on a really long drive with some other pups. Then, I went with a few other pups and another woman took me to this big place called the semi office. I got picked up there by my raiser, Kayla. She is real nice. I went home with her. The people at the office were happy because I cried a lot. When I got hom, I ran and played with a bunch of new toys. I took a little nap, and played some more. Then I got a bath and got ready for bed. I was pretty good. I only got up 3 times to go potty. It was a long, but good day.

Quincy is Mr.Green!

I am Mr.Green, or "Auto". Now I am Quincy.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

4 Weeks Old

My brothers and sisters and I when we were only 4 weeks old. Weren't we so cute?
My mom with me and my brothers. We are so cute! You can't resist those faces!
Grandma and my sisters.
All of my brothers and sisters lined up in an adorable row!

Litttle blackie boy, or Buddha, because of his Buddha belly.
Mr. Green, or Auto. Nicknamed Auto because he was born in a car!
Little Mr. Blue..... We sure are cute!
My little sister, "The Queen".
My little sis, the blackie girl. She was a sweet thing.