Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Trip With Flicka

Sorry I have taken so long to post! So, on June 23 and 24 I went on a small vacation with Flicka, mom, and Auntie Chris. Flicka is a hunting dog and she had a trial so we went and saw Flicka "get the bird". It was wonderful! It was a very long drive, about 5 hours. Once we arrived at the hunt test, I was ready to PLAY! On Saturday, just the Master and Senior classes showed, so Flicka just got to relax. Flicka and I played and waded in the water (on a long line, of course). Then I played with a golden puppy named Feather. She was very pretty and very fun. After we watched some of the tests, we went back to the hotel to wash up for dinner. Flicka and I had our dinner and then mom and Chris went to Red Lobster. I, of course, accompanied them into the restaurant. I was very good and the staff loved me. Honestly, though, how could you not?!? We cashed in early since we had an early start the next day. I was very good in the hotel! We got up early on Sunday and headed down to the hunt site. Since Flicka was the first dog to go we had to be there extra early. I sat in the kennel while Flicka ran her land marks. Then we played some and just had a great time. Then Flicka had her water marks, and we palyed some more. She passed everythign and got her thord leg for her Junior Hunter title. We headed home, stopped at a rest stop and had our dinner and a BREAK, and got on the road again. We stopped in a Chili's on the way home so mom and Chris could get dinner. We were close to getting asked to leave because of me, but the manager was very nice and he let us stay. He even gave me dog biscuits when we left! I was very tired when I got hom, but it was a great weekend!


Me and Flicka
Flicka loves her frisbee
I loved chasing her!
Me and Flicka
Flicka Boo

We carried the frisbee...
and carried it....
and carried it some more!
I caught her!

I squished her!
Then she squished me...
We played and played...
She is very pretty...
Chris and Flicka getting ready to go....

Friday, June 22, 2007

Updates and Photos

So, nothing much that is new. I have been spending a lot of time with my mom, which is pretty sweet. She is officially out of school now and starts radiation treatments on Monday. I saw Nancy Drew on Thursday wth my mom and her friend Liz. It was a pretty good movie, but I slept through most of it. I am going to spend the whole weekend with my friend Flicka, my mom, and Auntie Chris! I am so excited! Flicka has a hunt test in Ohio and we are going to go watch her. I am all packed and I am excited to hit the road! I know I'll have a blast! On Monday, I am going to radiation with my mom and then a Tiger's game. My mom was invited from the American Cancer Society. It should be a ball! Pun intended. I like going to Tigers games. I'll make sure I get a few more pictures this time. Well, enjoy these pictures from a mini photo shoot! PAWS Up!

Smiles all around!
My half-sis Pally showed me how to train my mom to make me more comfy for car rides...
I am so darn handsome!
I love this picture. I am such a sweet guy, aren't I?!?

Tigers Game and Photo Shoot

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. It has been pretty busy. I went to a Tiger's game a couple of weeks ago. It was really fun. Plus, it was part of history. Justin Verlander of the Tigers pitched a no-hitter against the Milwakee Brewers! It was the first Tiger's pitcher to do so since 1984 and the first no-hitter for the Tiger's at home since 1952! Talk about awesome. And I was there! Not many pups can say they were apart of history! I get to go to another Tigers game this Monday. I can't wait. I'll have more pictures then. Also, I had a mini photo shoot with mom after and during my first play in my pool. I love my pool a lot. It is perfect for those hot summer days. Enjoy!
Tasty pool water...
Lazy days...
Serious face
The road ahead
I have a great come!
I am so handsome!
Sleepy eyes...
Splish Splash
Happy Lion

pool fun
Say what?!?!?
Who can resist this?
Comerica Park
Tiger at bat...
So sweet...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My New Friend Harley

This weekend I got a new friend! His name is Harley and he is a 7 month old Basset hound. His ears are soooo long! I was a very good boy sleeping over at his house. He belongs to my mom's friend's sister. We spent the night over there to watch Harley. He is really loud! When I was asleep in my kennel he would come over and howl at me. I just looked at him and tried to tell him to be quiet, but he didn't get it! We walked to Dairy Queen before we went to bed. I was a very good boy! I hope I get to see my new friend soon.

Harley and Me. I was in the middle of a good shake!
A more formal picture of Harley and I. His ears are so long the touch the ground!
Harley and I had a great time getting out our puppy wiggles!