Sunday, May 24, 2009

Got Air?

This weekend was SOOOOO exciting :D I had my very first dock diving competition. Now this is a dog sport I can really get into! I am a freak around water, and this was really no different. I jumped in a splash the first day and another the second day, including the finals :) Each splash is two jumps. On Saturday I jumped 11 feet, then 13 feet. On SUnday, I jumped 14 feet, then a wopping 17 FEET!!! I ended up being in the finals for the senior division! That's quite a rarity for dogs in their very first competition. Mom's really proud. My next events are a two-day event at River Days in Detroit, the big festival on the river. That is June 20-21. Then I have an event in Kalamazoo called Woofstock. That's a one-day event on July 18. Can't wait to see how I do then :D Enjoy the pictures!

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Madison and Butler said...

Thats very cool....I love the pictures.