Saturday, August 1, 2009

Macinac Island

Sorry it's taken me so long to update. We just moved a couple of months ago and it took us over a month and a half to get internet :P Anyways, back in June my mom and I went up to Macinac Island to participate in the Lilac Festival with our therapy dog group. One of our friends from the group actually owns a condo on the island, so we stayed with her and a few others in the group. It was fun to be roomies for a few days :) I LOVED the island. Horses are everywhere! There are actually nor cars allowed on the island. It's likle stepping back in time! Our group participated in both the Epona and Barkus Dog and Pony parade, and won the costume contest for the third year in a row. The theme this year was 'The American Circus'. We had a ring master, a jester, a tightrope walker, a fortune teller, a lion, and I was a magician. We also represented TDI in the Grand Parade. The Lilac Festival is a pretty big deal on Macinac, so there were tons of people. I got lots of love :) Well, here are some of the pictures. You can check out my mom's blog for all of the rest. Enjoy!

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Where did you move to friend?